Master craftsmen


Everything comes to life in our goldsmith workshop in Vicenza, from the idea to the sketch, prototype and every hand-crafted finish.
The protagonists of this adventure are our goldsmith masters, artists who, thanks to their profound knowledge of the most refined techniques and their creative flair, create unique and vibrant works of light.

To enhance every shape, by hand they apply various kinds of finishes, from refined satin effects to mirror polishing.
Every single stroke of brush creates unique plays of light that bring out the true personality of the jewellery and whoever wears it.



Our Guarantee


Every item of Aquaforte jewellery has two hallmarks, one that certifies the 925‰ purity of our sterling silver and another, 406VI, that identifies our laboratory.
Our bracelets and necklaces also feature the Aquaforte seal, to remind us once again what we are most proud of, that every one of our jewellery items is rigorously handmade in Italy.





All our plating is performed in full compliance with applicable regulations, without the release of nickel or cadmium.
Every piece of jewellery is coated with a special treatment that protects the 23-carat yellow gold plating from the natural oxidation of the metal.

Because though beauty may be ephemeral, at Aquaforte, we like to make it last.