Long-lasting jewellery

Each piece of Aquaforte jewellery made entirely of 925‰ silver is coated with a special treatment of excellence, which protects the 23 carat yellow gold plating from the natural oxidation of the metal and allows it to be enjoyed over time.
Our style is contemporary, so the jewel will not go out of fashion, accompanying every moment and every occasion.




Precious advice

Maintaining the beauty of your jewellery is easy, just follow a few simple guidelines and pay attention to your precious objects.
New alcohol-based detergents, which are important in protecting against viruses, are harmful to any jewellery, so it is a good idea to remove the jewellery before washing to prevent the aggressive agent from affecting the plating.
Other corrosive elements include lacquer, make-up and hand cream, so it is advisable to apply these products before wearing jewellery.
It is better not to wear jewellery when carrying out household chores or sporting activities.